Performance Compression Wear

Scientifically proven to improve performance
Handmade to fit you perfectly
Delivers remarkable results

Driven by science, powered by professionals. This is the evolution of compression wear.

Go further and achieve more with effecitve performance compression wear.

At Kurio we use cutting edge technology to create compression garments that fit perfectly and deliver remarkable results. We know that every athlete is unique, therefore each garment should be. Standard small, medium and large sizing can’t deliver the same results as a bespoke garment.

All our garments are designed to deliver precise graduated compression, handmade and customised to fit you.

Features & Benefits
by Dr M G C Lewis

  • Increased muscle oxygenation when exercising (walking and running).

  • Reduced heart-rate (5bpm) during submaximal exercise with our graduated compression leggings and (6bpm) when using our uniform compression leggings (unique to Kurio 3D Compression).
  • A reduction in tissue saturation indicating an improved ability to utilise oxygen when wearing Kurio leggings at rest or when exercising.
  • Uninhibited movement; athletes do not report any perceptual differences between their movements when running with or without leggings or in non-compressive leggings.
  • Excellent heat dissipation (almost like skin), so you won’t overheat in training or competition. When exercising in Kurio leggings, skin temperature remains below 35°C which is associated with inhibited performance.
  • Athletes report no different thermal sensation differences between wearing non-compressive and compression leggings.


Our 3D scanners take up to 2 million cloud points (measurements) to create your unique pattern.


We then create your unique pattern and customise the compression levels to meet your requirements.


Each garment is handmade by our expert team in the UK.


Our research and experience ensures your garments work for you.


Lightweight, durable, comfortable fabric developed to meet our exacting requirements.


We listen to your experiences and create garments suited to you, designed to deliver the correct graduated compression for you.

Benefits of Performance Compression Leggings

Improves performance, stamina and reduce risk of injury

Delivers accurate graduated compression

Improves blood flow & reduces muscle soreness

Moisture wicking to keep you dry and cool

UV Protection

Improve your performance, stamina and reduce recovery time

Our made to measure compression wear has been refined and perfected with ground breaking research completed by Kurio and leading British Universities. We heavily invest in the science behind our products and are proud to be at the cutting edge of compression technology. Like all athletes, we are always looking for ways to improve and our research continues…..

Precise Fit for Maximum Results

Our 3D scanners take up to 2 million measurements which is accurate to 0.5 of 1mm. Your unique pattern is then created and your garments are handmade by our expert team to ensure a precise fit.

If compression wear doesn’t fit, it doesn’t work!

Technologically Advanced Fabric

Our fabric is deceptively simple on the outside and incredibly complex on the inside. Following our research with Nottingham Trent University, we have developed our own fabric to meet our exacting requirements.

Using the latest developments in technology to take full advantage of the compressing effects the fabric is strong yet still lightweight and maintains optimum compression for longer. It stretches in different directions without losing its elasticity or compromising the strength of the material, allows for moisture wicking and has an anti-bacterial coating to reduce odours.

The fabric offers UV protection and is breathable wicking away moisture to the outer layer to keep the skin fresh and dry, which helps to prevent chafing and the spread of bacteria which may cause odours.

Performance Range

Customise your compression wear by choosing your fabric and stitch colour.

Performance Leggings

Recovery Compression Leggings

Performance 3/4

Recovery Compression Leggings

Performance Mid Calf

Recovery Compression Leggings

Calf Guards

Recovery Compression Leggings

Performance Below Knee

Recovery Compression Leggings

Performance Above Knee

Recovery Compression Leggings

Performance Mid Thigh

Recovery Compression Leggings

Performance Running Shorts

Recovery Compression Leggings

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