Features & Benefits – by Dr M G C Lewis

  • Graduated compression that can be tailored to your needs (Graduation between British Standard grades 1 to 3).
  • The only compression leggings on the market that scientifically demonstrate repeatable and accurate graduation across the whole limb and consistency between athletes (customers).
  • The same compression irrespective of your limb length and volume.
  • Waterproof versions available.
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  • Increased muscle oxygenation when at rest suggesting a more effective method of recovery.
  • When used during recovery, Kurio leggings decrease heart rate within the first minutes after exercise. Indicating an increased recovery rate.


  • Increased muscle oxygenation when exercising (walking and running).
  • Reduced heart-rate (5bpm) during submaximal exercise with our graduated compression leggings and (6bpm) when using our uniform compression leggings (unique to Kurio 3D Compression).
  • A reduction in tissue saturation indicating an improved ability to utilise oxygen when wearing Kurio leggings at rest or when exercising.
  • Uninhibited movement; athletes do not report any perceptual differences between their movements when running with or without leggings or in non-compressive leggings.
  • Excellent heat dissipation (almost like skin), so you won’t overheat in training or competition. When exercising in Kurio leggings, skin temperature remains below 35°C which is associated with inhibited performance.
  • Athletes report no different thermal sensation differences between wearing non-compressive and compression leggings.