Our 3D scanning booths are created to your unique requirements.
Bespoke software & user interface turns your data into visual aids, patterns, templates & more


Below are just a few of the applications for our scans.

Post OP Care

Muscle wastage analysis
Monitor progression in bespoke physio programmes
Compression wear to improve recovery

Prosthetics & Medical Supports

Convert scans into a 3D CAD model and patterns


The scans can also be used as a diagnostic tool for highlighting changes to visual ailments and as a way of showing weight or muscle loss.

What we can measure?

Our 3D scanner booths take up to 5.2 billion measurements and a huge array of body measurements including:-

  • Lengths

  • Girths

  • Volumes

  • Angles

  • Hydration

  • Body fat

  • Weight

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