3D Scanning Services for Retail
It’s the fit, not the size

The world of retail is changing rapidly – make your brand stand out and lead the change, don’t get left behind!

We can offer body scanning solutions to:

  • Help reduce return rates

  • Enhance the customer shopping experience

  • Increase conversion instore and online

  • Create personalised avatars

  • Produce bespoke patterns and more…

How do we provide accurate information and measurements?

  • Our 3D scanning booth takes 5.2 billion measurements in 15 seconds

  • COVID-19 compliant – our booth allows customers to be measured without human contact in the comfort of a fitting room sized space

  • A precise scan using world class technology – no need to rotate or move around, accurate to within 1mm

  • We are experts at precision scanning and using our years of experience and scientific research with compression sportswear garments we are now implementing this into the retail and clothing sectors

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